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Born in 1990, he graduated in classical piano from the Music Conservatory in Parma, where he had the opportunity to attend masterclasses led by world-famous pianists and musicians. With Fabrizio Ottavucci, in particular, he studied John Cage’s prepared piano and the music by other important composers from the 1900s, such as Giacinto Scelsi and Morton Feldman.

He joined the Erasmus program and gained the opportunity to study at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk (Poland). During that period, he fell in love with jazz, so he decided to take his first lessons with Jazz Piano Master Leszek Kułakowski. He continued studying jazz in Parma with Masters Alberto Tacchini, Roberto Bonati and Roberto Dani. In 2016, he completed the bachelor in Jazz Piano with the highest mark, presenting a thesis about John Taylor’s music. In the meantime, he studied composition with Master Luigi Abbate and saxophone with Master Massimo Ferraguti.

Nowadays, his professional activity is focused on contemporary jazz and improvised music. He plays his original music in piano solo (recent performances at festivals: Piano City Napoli, Piano Lab, Piano City Milano, Naturalmente Pianoforte, Rapallo al Pianoforte), and with his new project, the Unusual Trio, a combo with piano, saxophone and drums.

In 2021 the Italian historical label Dodicilune published his first solo piano album, “A Light in the Darkness”, which contains his own compositions and improvisations. It also includes an original poem by pianist and writer Umberto Petrin, who wrote it expressly for the album.

He is an eclectic musician, who works among various musical genres. He played in three conductions, directed by composer and double bass player Roberto Bonati (at Teatro Regio di Parma – concert recorded and published by Parma Frontiere Jazz -, Casa della Musica of Parma); he played with various combos in international free improvisation festivals (Oooh Festival, RARA Festival); he arranged and performed in piano solo the music of Mantuan composer Stefano Gueresi (he recorded two pieces for the album “Stefano Gueresi – Il ricordo vol. 2”, for TRJ Records); he played with Tian Ruohan, an ehru player (a Chinese traditional violin), with whom he performed traditional Chinese music.

Recently, he has started a new solo project, “Silent Films Soundtrack”, in which he improvises live an original soundtrack to silent movies from the early 1900s (such as The cabinet of Dr. Caligari, L’Inferno, Nosferatu, A Page of Madness).

He is also working with Digitans, a musical theater project (for two keyboards and voice, with music written by Alessandro Boratti, composer from Trento), winner of an artistic residency for the 460 Gran Paradiso Festival.

He also composes music for videos (such as Blowing, composed for a MAU Architecture’s project).

His composition for alto saxophone solo Padora e Utopia was performed for the first time during the show “Padroni delle nostre vite” (Masters of our own lives), in cooperation with the Parma Music Conservatory.


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