This page is dedicated to some of my own transcriptions of my favorite solos and tunes. You can freely download some of them, and feel free to contact me if you have any question about it. These PDFs are for private educational purpose only. Any commercial use without a specific authorization is forbidden. 

As you should know, a transcription is only a guideline, and you have to listen through the record again and again to be able to reproduce all the nuances of the execution. This step is very important, as well as learn by heart the song and the solo you want to study.

You can find here some classic jazz solos from the 50’s and 60’s as well as more recent material. I’m happy to share some of these transcriptions for free with all the world since I strongly believe in cooperation, with the hope these sheets will help other musicians to enrich their own personal taste. I also believe in free access to culture for everybody, that’s why I put some of the material for free. Nevertheless, to protect my job and as a compensation for the expertise and time involved in transcribing, I ask for the other material a donation of 5€ for a single transcription, 50% discount for any additional PDF (if interested contact me at

You can find a donate button below. If you think this work is useful and valuable, you can also make a symbolic donation of 1€ for the free material. Thank you.


  • Horace Silver on Solar (Walkin’, Miles Davis) download free PDF
  • Wynton Kelly on Freddie Freeloader (Kind of Blue, Miles Davis) download free PDF
  • Bill Evans on Dolphin Dance (I Will Say Goodbye, Bill Evans) video+sheet
  • Chet Baker on My Melancholy Baby (As Time Goes By, Chet Baker) download free PDF
  • Chris Potter on The Sweet Yakiti Waltz (What Now?, Kenny Wheeler) video
  • Keith Jarrett on Prism (Changes, Keith Jarrett)
  • John Taylor on How Deep Is The Ocean (intro) (Blue Glass, John Taylor) – 3€
  • Paul Bley on Ramblin’ (Ramblin’, Paul Bley)


  • John Taylor – Sirens’ Song (Azimuth, Azimuth)
  • John Taylor – Eulogy (The Touchstone, Azimuth)
  • John Taylor – New Old Age (You Never Know, Peter Erskine / New Old Age, Taylor/Swallow/Mirabassi) download free PDF
  • Richie Beirach – Neptune (Arcade, John Abercrombie)
  • Fred Hersch – Pastorale (Alone at the Vanguard, Fred Hersch

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  1. hello. I am interested in the Fred Hersch “Pastoral.” Have you transcribed the entire thing? thanks, SL

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